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May 22, 2008

The Background of Affiliate Marketing

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Welcome back. Today im going to talk on affiliate marketing.

As an ongoing way to create income opportunities, affiliate marketing has captured the

imagination and attention of a number of entrepreneurs over the last decade. Here is

some background on the development of affiliate marketing and how it continues to

evolve today.

At its core, affiliate marketing is all about getting attention for a good or service by

utilizing online resources that are managed by partners or affiliates. The most simplistic

of all these methods is allowing advertising to be displayed on a web site that is the

domain of the affiliate.

Typically, the advertisement will allow the prospective customer to click on and be

redirected to a page or site where there is more information and the chance to order the

good or service in question. In return for providing a doorway for that customer to

discover the product of service, the affiliate is rewarded with compensation, usually via

electronic transfer or check.

The concept of affiliate marketing is a natural outgrowth of the online marketing that

sprang up in the early years of widespread Internet use. At first, online marketing was

more of a business to business approach, since companies were the first to jump on the

Internet bandwagon. Putting up a web site and sending emails out to solicit business

was a cost-effective way to gather new business clients.

As Internet use began to spread into the home, a number of companies began to see

that working with owners of personal web sites would be a great way to promote goods

and services with very little in the way of investment in marketing resources.

The trick was to make the idea enticing to individuals, so they would be interested in

allowing companies to advertise through their web sites. Out of this need to come up

with a strategy that would appeal to a large body of people, the basics of affiliate

marketing were developed, and still continue to shape the course of affiliate programs

today. See you next week for the continuation


May 11, 2008


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Just recently i decided to go into online business and have a feel about fulfilling my desire of becoming  successful in life. I must confess that it has been more facinating and enriching than i actually bargained for.

During the next few weeks, i will share my experiences with you as i pass through the storm. In any case, online business is not as complicated as i initially thought and hope those of you who have similar fear would see a ray of hope from my diary.

I would also look into any interesting ebook and review it for our benifit so that togelther we would achieve our goals.


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